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Contest RaDAR Novembre 2010

2nd SARL RaDAR Contest

6th November 2010
This contest is for everyone , at home , in your car , in the field. Any mode , CW , SSB , FM or digital modes. Any band or Satellite. Support your friends in the field , you never know , you may work a really rare grid in the process!

An event aimed at promoting the use of Rapid Deployable Amateur Radio stations and antennas preferably without relying on normal mains power (Eskom). All stations including home stations are welcome to participate and to share in the fun.

The points system is so structured to encourage portable operation. Score multipliers are used to reward and favour the portable stations and for stations using temporary antennas and alternative power supply sources.

Date:First Saturday of April and First Saturday of November

14:00 SAST ? 20:00 SAST (6 Hours (4 during the day, 2 at night) )

All amateur bands allowed. Including cross band contacts via amateur satellites. QSO?s via terrestrial repeaters will be allowed.

Any mode

Call sign, Name, QTH and grid locator.

If the grid locator is not known, then some other information that could describe the location. E.g. Mabula lodge, 40 km west of Warmbaths.

1 point per QSO.
1 QSO per mode, per band / satellite, per call sign.

X1 : for all home stations using normal antennas and mains power.
X2 : for all home stations not relying on their normal antennas or mains power.
X3 : for portable operation i.e. away from normal home station , not relying on mains power. This would include all mobile stations.
X4 : for true RaDAR portable operations not relying on existing antennas or mains power.
X5 : for true RaDAR portable operations as above and using QRP. Output power limited to 5 watts PEP.

Bonus points for portable and RaDAR stations:

5 Points (Equivalent to 5 QSO?s) for a minimum of one, satellite or any digital mode involving a computer, QSO. (For clarity: Thereafter 1 point per Satellite / Digital modes QSO)

The true RaDAR station must have carried the entire station including antennas for at least 1 km prior to setting up, without relying on existing man made infrastructures i.e. antennas, masts or towers.

For the sake of safety, it will be acceptable to carry / backpack your entire station for a distance of at least 1 km and end up where you started from; your home, camp site, picnic site, motor vehicle or where ever you choose to operate from.

To be considered as a RaDAR station, the entire station; radios, batteries, mast and antennas must be easily portable and hence the need to carry the equipment for at least 1 km.

Station photo (JPG Format) with every log entry.
The hosting club:

The Lichtenburg Amateur Radio Club (LARK)
P.O. Box 410

Email entries: zs6lrk at

Suggested calling frequencies!
_Band ___CW ___ Phone ____Notes
160 m _1836 kHz _1845 kHz Class A1, A2 only
_80 m _3560 kHz _3690 kHz
_40 m _7030 kHz _7090 kHz
_30 m 10116 kHz 10130 kHz Class A1 only
_20 m 14080 kHz 14240 kHz Class A1, A2 only
_15 m 21080 kHz 21350 kHz Class A1, A2 only
_10 m 28060 kHz 28360 kHz

Recommended digital modes frequencies

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